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Impact Investing - Geld machen und Gutes tun

  Aug 2017

Geld anlegen oder spenden? Rendite machen oder Gutes tun? Es geht auch beides, gleichzeitig. Auch wenn es noch keinen Boom gibt: Der Markt für solche Fonds wächst rasant. Die Anleger sind begeistert.

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Geld machen und Gutes tun

Impact investing: Measurement valued by investee businesses

 Dr Rory Tews and Thomas Scheuerle (Roots of Impact)
  Jul 2017

This report was commissioned by the Donor Committee on Enterprise Development in order to shed light on the topic of data being generated by impact investee organisations.  24 agriculture and energy enterprises in Latin America, East Africa and Southeast Asia were interviewed. The key findings ...

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Impact Investing: Measurement valued by Invest Businesses

New Urban Agenda

 Habitat III, United Nations
  Jul 2017

The New Urban Plan was created to make cities more accessible and sustainable for their increasing populations and the world overtime. Though cities only take up 2% of all land, they generate 70% of the global GDP, consume over 60% of all energy produced, and ...

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SDG Index and Dashboards Report 2017

Global Responsibilities: International spillovers in achieving the goals

 Bertelsmann Stiftung and Sustainable Development Solutions Network
  Jul 2017

The Annual SDG Index and Dashboards Report shows updated information on where each country stands in regards to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. The report ranks countries based on their performance across all 17 goals. This year they have added spillover indexes to help indicate ...

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Reclaiming Social Entrepreneurship

 Daniela Papi Thornton
  Jul 2017

How can we make more effective social entrepreneurs? Daniela Papi Thornton thinks that we can do this by changing the way we teach social entrepreneurs how to build businesses, and change the way we think about creating social impact. Rather than approaching social impact and ...

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Data: The Next Frontier for Impact Investing

A call for investors to share their data to expand the field’s understanding of the breadth and depth of activity.

 Jean Case (Stanford Social Innovation Review)
  Jun 2017

As Impact Investing takes off around the world, there is a growing need for transparency and data sharing. By increasing access to and accuracy of data, anyone interested in impact investing, whether its an organization or an investor, will get information on which enterprises are ...

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Data Article

T100: Insights from Impact Advisors and Consultants 2017

  Jun 2017

In this new report, 37 impact advisors and consultants from 12 countries, partnering with 38 of Toniic’s 100% Impact Network* members, open the door to their impact practices to demystify, inspire and activate both investors and the financial services industry. While today there are ...

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T100 Insights from Impact Advisors and Consultants 2017

Social Entrepreneurship & Impact Investing Report

 Daniella Logue, Dr Gillian McAllister, Dr Jochen Schweitzer, UTS, innovationXchange, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Australia
  Jun 2017

This new report by UTS, explores how development can be created in more efficient and effective ways than traditional aid. They argue that social entrepreneurs who have enterprises that can generate social impact are much more effective than normal aid. The report looks at different ...

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UTS Business School ImpInv Report

Impact investing: making money and doing good

Österreichs Vorhaben, sich als globaler Standort von Impact Investing zu positionieren

 Susanne Lederer-Pabst & Alexandra Bolena
  Jun 2017

Die Autorinnen widmen sich dem Thema Impact Investing unf machen auf die Initiativen von GIIVX bzw. GIIF aufmerksam, die Österreich zu einem zentralen Zentrum für Impact Investing machen sollen.

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GIIVX Making Money and Doing Good